Friday, April 29, 2011

Issue 8 - Talk of copyright law, Brian Michael Bendis and animal rights

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We start this months column with a letter from Mike Gold, somewhere in Connecticut. It's a lengthy letter regarding copyright law in relation to Byrne's comments on swiping art in comics. 

The next letter from Peiter Huurtz is a funny one. Is that his real name? Not sure...
"I understand you are an old man. If that's the case, could you make JBNM bimonthlyy so that when you die I will have twice as many issues? Weekly would be great!"
 I saw this on the internet before. It's a letter by well-known comic writer Brian Michael Bendis.

"If Bethany's hair is "indestructible," then how can she pull it out of her head as she did in issue four to slice through her bonds? And I want a good answer, not one of those mamby-pamby cornball "comic book" science answers. I challenge thee!!!"

Byrne explains that hairs sometime fall out and also reveals that he once had hair past his shoulders. I'd like to see a photo of that. Isn't ironic that this question came from a now bald Bendis.I guess he found out about random hairs falling out. The page ends with another letter from Rol Hirst.

This months flame is about animal rights and testing. As a scientist I'm not even going to touch it. Read it for yourself. Just click to enlarge.
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