Friday, April 22, 2011

Issue 7 - Will Meugniot and "The greatest artist of all time"...

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JBNM being compared to Marvel's X-Men was nothing new at this point. The first letter of the column is from Will Meugniot, the co-creator of DNAgents . In his letter Meugniot relates a tale of three different parties viewing a new superhero team as a rip off of three different properties.
"In 1984, shortly after the DNAgents were put under option as a potential live-action TV series, I was doing some work for the in-house ad agency of one of the networks. There, on a composing table, lay a still photo of  a group of a group of super-powered characters. They looked a lot like the DNAgents to me. A whole lot. I was fuming, but decided to go home and sleep on it. The next day a call came from a friend who worked for the network. he wanted to know if i'd seen the terrible rip-off his people had done of - the Fantastic Four! A couple of days later at lunch with Stan Lee, Stan was bemoaning the terrible rip-off he'd seen one of the networks was doing of - X-Men! So there you have it. Three different people looking at the same property and all thinking it was a rip-off of three different properties."
On page two Byrne talks about the method of lettering and coloring used on JBNM.This issues Flame is a bit of an interesting one. In an roundabout fashion Byrne calls himself "The greatest artist of all time". Seriously? You got to read what Byrne says. Page 3...I'll wait. Anyway, that's Byrne for you. In the same Flame he also comments on the collectors market and hot issues.

That's all for now. Happy long weekend!
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